This wiki has been established with a view to discussing what works well for those who have sight loss.

I am in the process of preparing a dissertation so this forms part of my primary research that consists of questionnaires to determine what works well for learners and other users of technology plus perhaps feedback on what could be improved - let's say, incorporating better features into Adobe documents; not necessarily for reading, but particularly when completing them.

Also I'd like your feedback on whether the demand for Braille formats is now diminishing given the effectiveness of pc screen readers.

Has anyone tried Windows 7 yet? What do you think of its revised accessibility features - namely the magnifier or narrator?

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Link to message regarding Adobe PDF documents

Link to message regarding Braille and its technology - is it outdated or a core necessity?

Link to Windows 7

Any other comments

If you haven't already read the questionnaire, please feel free to download it and email it to me using the address shown on the document. It's in Word format - standard print plus large print (Arial 18 pt).


Clare Rees